20 December 2009

No, not Obama or Climate Change or Nobel prizes or any other presidentially related thing. No, this is Orbana – sent to ShunningRunning by the lovely people at…well, Orbana.

Orbana is a healthy energy drink. Only you don’t receive it as a drink. It comes in small bottles with 40 g of powder in each. Just add water – and hey healthy presto! Now you may not think that that sounds particularly appetising and that it surely means lots of additives, but it doesn’t. This is a drink with no caffeine, sweeteners or preservatives. We put one little bottle through its paces in the ShunningRunning laboratory where it has been subject to the most rigorous preliminary testing. The flavour is orange, lemon and pineapple and it really does taste like all of those – with no nasty aftertaste or artificial zing to the palate. For best results, however, we feel it is essential to mix with very cold water.

The idea is not to drink this during running, but – so we are told on the bottle – for best results to mix and consume 30 minutes before exercise. We will be testing Orbana in the field next week so watch this space for results.