2 January 2014

Much better today when the view from Greenwich looked like this:


Light jog around the park for 40 minutes. Am easing my way into Janathon with a mellow 3 km.



1 January 2014


A dog, but not much jog. For the first day of Janathon, I managed a brisk walk around Greenwich Park which, considering the weather, was, frankly, a bit of a feat in itself…


31 December 2013

I’d forgotten about this blog completely until JogBlog sent an e-mail about Janathon. Well, I’ve actually received that twice without taking any notice – both in 2012 and 2013. But let’s try again!



3 August 2011

Here, have a happy summer picture – because I’ve started running again!!

Yes, today in a London sizzling at 30°C the mood suddenly took me, and I blasted off to the gym to restart the running!

I’ve left it for far too long and sat far too much on my chair in front of my computer and am becoming all curled up and gnarled and tree-stump-like. I decided I hadn’t shown my new ASICS a good time for a long time. They wanted to go out. They wanted to go places. So I showed them a good time. Oh yes. I did an hour’s run/walk on the treadmill to ease into a new phase of the charade, dabbled slightly in a few machines downstairs (bit of outer thigh work) and walked home.

Summer job done!


17 January 2011

I’ve just not got going on Janathon properly.

Work has been hectic, daylight has been scarce and Janathon has suffered. I think I’m going to have to withdraw and appear again for Juneathon…

Keep up the good work, Janathoners. You are better joggers than me!


10 January 2011

On Saturday, Janathon reared its little wintery head and I ran in the park. I’m just such a contender in this thing…!

The most exciting part was using the Nike GPS app for the first time. Much better as it allows you to view your progress as you run, gives you voice feedback, lets you skip tracks (while keeping the screen otherwise locked) and provides graphic proof of what a less than mediocre runner you are.

Distance: 4.42 km

Location: Greenwich Park

Conditions: Muddy, windy


7 January 2011

Unfortunately, I have discovered a quite serious design flaw in Janathon…

Janathon doesn’t seem to include enough daylight hours. Once the picking up and dropping off of various parts of the Entourage has taken place, once the Labrador has been walked, once an itsy bitsy bit of work has been squeezed into all the mundane stuff and the final Christmas guests have been packed off back to Moscow – plonk! – the sun disappears and the park keepers close the doors to the Janathonarena and… oh no…

I realise now that Juneathon was mostly conducted at around 5-6 pm when things had been done and a breather was needed. Hmmm.

Perhaps now that the gym has reopened, the treadmill will have to replace those balmy summer evenings of dogjog and ankle pain…